A Young Girl’s Wishes about Christian Louboutin Shoes

I couldn’t remember how many times has the little girl come to my store to see the Christian Louboutin Shoes.

This is the brand of Christian Louboutin Shoes I just purchased one month ago, with abundant variety and new types, which were very popular. She was fifteen or so, with a red face, plain clothes, like a student.I remembered the girl came to my shop for the first time and stood long in front of a kind of shoes. “Do you want to buy shoes?” I saw the girl’s mind and asked kindly. She said, “the Christian Louboutin Shoes, how much is this?”" I gave her an offer, and she was so surprised. Then I enthusiastically recommended her other styles of shoes. The girl smiled and said, “I still like that Christian Louboutin Shoes.”

Since then, the little girl came to the shop to see shoes regularly, and then stood in the Christian Louboutin Shoes with a face of thirst.Little by little, I became familiar with the little girl and knew the real reason why she wanted to buy the Christian Louboutin Shoes. Originally, three years ago, the little girl with her parents from Gansu Tian-shui to Xinjiang to work, parents as unskilled one at the site, she in a middle school. A year ago, my mother collapsed on the construction site and went to the hospital for an examination for a terminal cancer. In order to chemotherapy, the family not only spent all their savings, the mother of a black, beautiful hair also stripped off. Every time I look into the mirror, my mother is crying.

It was her greatest wish to buy her a Christian Louboutin Shoes. But the family has no extra money to meet the mother’s last month’s little wish. She has been sad and sad about it.When I know there are half a month to her mother, my heart is like a knife, hurt. On that day, the little girl came again. She pulled out a large sum of 45 yuan and five yuan from her clothes. She said sadly, “Auntie, I only have the money. I hope you sell me that Christian Louboutin Shoes.” My heart trembled. Looking at the little girl’s red face still hung with tears, I could not reach out. I put her in the back and said, “Auntie won’t accept your money.” The little girl wanted to say something again, and I was stopped. She held back tears and said a few words of thanks to me before leaving.

One day after the half moon, the little girl sent me a photo of her and her mother. The picture showed her mother wearing Christian Louboutin Shoes and laughing very sweet and happy. Looking at the photo, I smiled happily.From then on, the little girl never came again, and what made me sad was that I didn’t ask her name. To this end, I could only silently bless her in the bottom of my heart: may you stay happiness and peace.