A Kingdom of Christian Louboutin Shoes

One day, when I was watching a movie in school, my desk mate Xiao Ming suddenly asked me whether or not I want to go to a mysterious place. “What place is it?” I felt confused. “This is a nation rather than a place, very funny and attractive. I can take you to be there, but you need to promise me first not to tell anyone else.” Xiao Ming replied. “OK, I promise.” “Fine, come with me.”

Xiao Ming led to go out of the school and got into the mountain behind our school ground. “See.” Xiao Ming stopped in front of a big hole. The hole could allow one single person pass through, seemed very dark and deep in the hole, I felt a little scared. “Don’t worry, I’ll get in first.” Before the words down, Xiao Ming jumped into the hole and disappeared. I kept telling myself to be brave and closed my eyes and followed suit to jump into the hole.

At first it was dark, then I could see a little piece of light. Following the light, we were moving forward and found a glorious gate. The gate was so beautiful that I almost felt I was in the heaven, oh no, the gate of heaven. When we looked up, several ray of lights were shooting on our eyes that we could not open the eyes. “Welcome to the kingdom of Christian Louboutin Shoes!” A beautiful girl suddenly appeared on the ground, with sweat smile and sincere kindness. “Who are you?” So curious about all of these that I could not wait to give my first question. “My distinguished guests, you are now at the kingdom of Christian Louboutin Shoes. I am your receiver.” “Wow, unbelievable! Are you the fairies, or something very noble and with great power? Can you make a magic or even fly on the air?” I was so excited that I soon forgot the fear for the strange place. “No. My dearest guests, no more questions. If you really want to know more, please come to see our queen. Follow me.”

On our way to the queen’s palace, we found that there were all kinds of shoes around this magic world, white, red, green, and all kinds of shapes. We felt our eyes mixed up by all of these wonders in Kingdom of Christian Louboutin Shoes. In a while, I began to wonder what the Kingdom of Christian Louboutin Shoes really was. Was it a masterpiece made by alien from other plant? Or just a wonderful dream I was making? I could not tell, just follow the receiver and flied deeper and deeper. Later, we saw the queen. So elegant and so beautiful, we almost forgot our manners. The queen told us, they could provide different kinds of shoes to us human, like the Lining shoes, Nick shoes and so on. But, as an exchange, human need to be their servant for the whole life…

“No!” I wake up suddenly from the absurd dream. Oh God!